EIII Ticketless Controller

EIII Ticketless Controller is a parking management controller, adopting leading-edge license plate recognition technology to control lane entry/exit. Adopt JIESHUN self-developed deep learning license plate recognition algorithm, so that the recognition accuracy rate can reach more than 99%. ISP image processing algorithm with the intelligent exposure compensation technology to capture the best pictures, that are used for recognition in complex lighting environments such as strong light, low light, and backlight. Dual captures of video stream and loop detector/radar for high license plate capture rate.

C Plus Ticket Dispenser

C Plus Ticket Dispenser is a powerful parking management dispenser, using various entry/exit credentials, such as paper ticket, IC card, license plate recognition, etc., to control lane entry/exit. Support various entry/exit credentials, such as paper ticket, IC card, and license plate recognition, so that it brings an efficient and safe passage. Passing modes switched flexibly as per different scenarios, such as monthly users LPR, temporary user paper tickets, monthly users & temporary users LPR, monthly user card swiping & temporary user paper tickets when abnormal conditions occur.

Automated Pay Station

JSPJ1193-INT Automatic Pay Station, basing on Linux OS, has stable performance and high efficiency. It not only helps users complete self-service payment, but also provides comprehensive services with car searching, monthly card management. More importantly, acceptance & dispensing actions are all under monitoring, and reconciliation process is well documented. JSPJ1193-INT APS gives an unattended parking operation and let your transaction be safe!

ANPR Camera

ANPR Camera is suitable for suitable for occasions such as exits/entrances, toll stations, etc. that need to capture vehicle pictures and identify vehicle information. JS-IB200S-E13-AF-INT ANPR Camera has the features such as wide-angle recognition, motorised zoom, and fast number plate recognition speed. 30 ~ 45 ° wide-angle recognition, adapting to license plate recognition in various special situations, such as wide lanes and cars from multiple directions.

Video Intercom Column

Video intercom column is mainly used with EIII tickless controller, which supports video intercom, swipe card, scan QR code payment (optional) and other functions. It can further improve the unattended ability of parking lot, and provide more convenient interactive experience for parkers. The video intercom column integrates a high-definition camera and a 9-inch LCD display. When the car owner initiates an intercom, the parking lot administrator can observe the real-time situation of the lane through the camera.




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